Guerilla Street Artists Install "Trump Cemetery" at President's Golf Course

Activist collective Indecline recently created a “Trump Cemetery” at the president’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Clad in balaclavas, the guerrilla art group drove to the golf course last Friday night in a fake Time Warner Cable vehicle and installed six tombstones commemorating “a diverse selection of things Trump fucked up” in 2017, Indecline expressed to Hyperallergic. “Decency,” “Our Future,” and “The Last Snowman,” which refers to Trump pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate agreement, are just a few etched examples that the group claims Trump completely annihilated.


The tombstones are made up of wood and painted to look like concrete. Indecline also installed a “Trump Cemetery” sign onto a gate near the tombstones to complete the installation titled Grave New World. “We worked for two hours in the snow. It was freezing! The cops drove by a couple times, but they didn’t see us,” Indecline expressed to the publication. “It was really logistically involved and took a lot of planning, much more than our previous projects.”

This isn’t the first public art intervention orchestrated by Indecline. In 2016, the group erected nude Donald Trump statues in various U.S. cities and hung “Ku Klux Klowns” at Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia last September.

Take a look at the making of “Grave New World” below and visit Indecline’s website to learn more.

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