Everyone’s path is different …and for that reason separation is created because so many want to travel the yellow brick road…but no one excepts there’s maybe a different color…and for that reason..

Journeys are ordained …as we are created..  which is the best way to describe the following artists.

Kendrick Lamar is a man after his own art...and a person who not only accepted his calling his journey but he also recognizes that he’s on it …if you’ve been following him since Black Hippy then you know that he’s just not a rapper but a humanitarian, revolutionist ,  motivator and a philanthropist for his community as well as his people.  King Kendrick doesn’t just deliver the bars to put these other rappers to shame but he embodies what hip hop is ..a bridge between the music and the world. He is always addressing issues in society and in the industry without being apologetic. The Compton rapper is planting the rest of the seeds that Tupac left by following the legacy of greatness. Kendrick is a man with a great heart, a #HardWork ethic and he will not bestopped….

And with that being said…you all have until April 7th to get it together….#BeHumble.