“Been busy focused on the next plan” -6lack

6lack …listen if you ever are indecisive about if you want to hear Hip Hop or R&B just turn on anything that he is on, especially his own projects because they will feel that void, TRUST ME!. Now, 6Black is fairly new to the industry but his journey is going to keep him in the industry; Why? Because of the battle with his formal label which for 3 years held his music career captive. He is the reason why artist should always be aware of what they are getting themselves into when it comes to music deals ( if that’s the path they want to take). 

Ricardo ( 6lack) is someone like Chance the Rapper who fought to get out of a music deal and when he was finally freed talked about it in song and in the public eye.  Since then he has done nothing but elevate and stick with his motto

“never worried bout the next man. Been busy focused on the next plan” -6lack