We call you Pha-Real because you the truth...

Pharrell Williams where can we start? Because the man’s journey like his melanin doesn’t change one bit if anything it gets better with time.  You name it and he can do it from producing to fashion and even giving us a couple bars every now and again with some signing in the background, Pharrell is the man with a plan!. His hustle to be real with everyone is unmatched because he continues to create and open doors that you had no idea he would’ve thought about.  Go check out his Adidas line of shoes and women’s clothes if you don’t believe that he can’t do anything in fashion, go check out his albums and anything produced by him or the Neptunes. Pharrell is the definition of growing with the times and opening doors for everyone because he’s willing to work alongside people with vision.

That’s why we love you Pha-real ….we call you Pha-Real because you the truth ….

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